Friday, June 23, 2006

HAHAHA - sleeping cuties

HAHAHA! I just read my sister's comment under the "Sheer Brilliance" post about Naomi sleeping. Here it is:

"Sleep is such a wonderful thing. I swear my kids get 10% cuter just by being asleep."

Having seen my sister's kids in action, over the phone hearing her try to convince Dahlia not to put fry sauce in her hair, knowing she has to constantly hide the permanent markers from Dahlia, knowing she had to paint the walls in her last apartment due to Dahlia's artistic ventures...I don't doubt she really means it!

I would have agree. It's a more peaceful type of cuteness than when Naomi smiles or giggles, but I love it all!

(Disclaimer: I might be erroneously blaming Dahlia for the apartment walls having to be painted. I can't remember, but it doesn't really matter. I'm sure if it had occurred to Dahlia to draw on the walls, she would have done it thoroughly.)


Anonymous said...

You can tell she is OUR Granddaughter; she's So Cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Yep Dahlia loves to draw on walls, as well as furniture, sister, and the carpet.

Naomi the Awesome said...

I love drawing, too... Watch out, Mom!