Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday cheer!

 Yet another post reminding you that we exist. And we are having a terrific holiday season!


We started off the season with some fun under the mistletoe!
We've been doing a book advent...24 Christmas books wrapped up, and the kids get to open one each day. We usually accidentally skip a day, so the following day is even better: opening TWO!

Naomi and Gabe coloring in their wooden Christmas tree puzzles. This was one of the first activities they found in the gingerbread house Advent calendar (shown later in this post).
And our trusty elf, making her way around the house. When she finds a spot she absolutely loves, she hangs out there for a day or two. (Or Mom and Dad forget to move her!)

 Candy trains! (Our version is based on graham crackers...think gingerbread houses, but trains instead.) Terrible pictures, but lots of fun!

The gingerbread house - this is a super fun new tradition for us this year! Each day the kids open the door for the day. Inside is a slip of paper listing an activity for the day, and occasionally a treat. Sometimes it's a craft or going to an event, but more often it's "Dance to Christmas music" or "Have candles at dinner". The kids (and I) love it!

Today's activity from the gingerbread house...decorating paper Christmas trees.
 Heart stickers, glitter paint, little fuzzballs...the kids came back to the table all throughout the day to add to their trees.