Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Halloween preview

Today we dug out our Halloween decorations. Or rather, that's what I thought were in those boxes. One box was partially filled with Halloween decorations, and the rest of it contained costumes/props. The second box...all costumes/props. Not even good costumes/props! So much for decking out our house in Halloween decor.

HOWEVER, Naomi and Gabe were excited by the ladybug costume, and they took turns sporting it around the house. Here you see young Gabriel in all his ladybug glory.

As a ladybug, he:

played Hide and Seek in the curtains

chased balls

and did some giggling.

He also set a record for the fastest moving ladybug ever!

That was when I announced we would be having ice cream in the kitchen.

Not your average Sunday at the Merrell's!

This last weekend was General Conference for the LDS church. That means we don't have regular church, and 4 sessions of talks from church leaders are broadcast on t.v. We all enjoyed the slow feel to the day!

We have a few family traditions, and one is having coffee cake for General Conference. Mmmmmm....

Our conference-watching activities documented:

lounging in pajamas and eating

Reading (and later, coloring)

Playing games with our faces

Sporting darling green stripe-y pj's
(and pointing to the t.v. in case Mommy forgot to watch conference)