Saturday, October 23, 2010

Andrew's blessing

Andrew was blessed in church on Sunday, October 10. We did the blessing in my parents ward in Monroe, UT (where I grew up) so that more family would be able to attend. Here are some pictures!

Brittany, Debbie, Julie, Julisa, Cahlin

Our family of FIVE!!!

...with Matt's people

...with my people (Julie's family)

...with more of my people

...with Mom and my sisters

...with sweet Andrew!
(Perhaps I should have sized his bowtie down a bit! And as a side note, I strongly dislike my hair right now.)
...with Jared.
These guys are cousins. A bit of a size difference, no?

My boys!!

I made the vests and bowties for Andrew and Gabe. (I offered to make a matching set for Matt as well, but he politely declined the offer.) I was so proud of my good-lookin' guys!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Early October

A few highlights from early October:

Naomi attended a princess birthday dinner/party for a friend. She was thrilled, of course.

Gabe assists with the clean-up process after making chocolate chip cookie bars.
He's always happy to help out.

Naomi and Gabe watching General Conference, when our LDS prophet and leaders speak in meetings that are broadcast on tv. (In the previous sentence, "watching" may loosely be translated as eating graham crackers and then wandering off to a different room to play with toys.)

Note Gabe's helmet. Who WOULDN'T want to wander around the house wearing a bike helmet? It's an essential around here.