Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Star Wars Halloween

(Check out Naomi's eyes)

Pumpkin Patch

We went to the pumpkin patch with Richie and Angie and Miley. Had a great time, saw some animals, got some pumpkins. Aside from the long, windy, bumpy road there, it was great.

Naomi got to feed and hug a sheep.
Inspect a goat.
Climb hay bales.
Pick a pumkin.
And ride in a wagon.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Gabe's antics

Gabe: Hey, Mom! How's it goin'?
Mommy: Sweetie, will you do your newest trick?
G: Hmmmm...(munches on bottom lip while he thinks)

G: Nope, I'm going to play with this ball instead.
M: Please??? (Wheedling)

G: Okay, here goes! I'll even look at the camera if I can play with toys afterward.
M: It's a deal. Wow, look at you! Good job, Gabriel!
(If you can't tell, he's using only his feet and hands and has some serious clearance under his tummy.)

Matt the Handyman (just like Bob the Builder!)

On Saturday, Matt pulled out the work gloves and put in new kitchen countertops. We had gotten approval from our landlords, and I was SO EXCITED! The old countertops were beyond ghetto...I probably won't believe if you say yours are worse than those ones. Matt started by ripping out the old ones. Wow, it looked like a disaster area!

Unfortunately, the stock countertops that are supposed to fit everything didn't fit...most things about our house are uneven or installed oddly (like the bedroom fan which has no inside switch, so it has to be turned on and off from the breaker outside), so it shouldn't have been a surprise. That meant a lot of extra work for Matt as he custom fit the counters. He did a fantastic job!

I LOVE my new counters! I can't count how many times since Saturday I have walked into the kitchen just to admire them. Even more exciting is the fact that I can put food on the counters without paint flaking off and attaching itself to our food! (Yeah, I told you they were ghetto before!)

Love those toes!

Julie, I hope this post doesn't drive you away from our blog forevermore!

Quite possibly my favorite part of a baby's body is the foot, or more specifically, those darling toes! They are teeny tiny and perfect. Even when they get bigger, they're fun. I love cleaning between Gabe's toes! (How does he get dirt there, by the way? Perhaps when I think he's napping, he has secretly hopped out of bed and is running around outside.)

Who needs Disneyland...

...when you have laundry baskets? Our neighbors are heading to Disneyland for some Halloween fun, and I was wondering what age is a great age for taking kids to a place like that. For now, Naomi is thrilled with a carousel. And Gabe...well, Gabe just likes riding around in a laundry basket!

Friday, October 10, 2008

We sold our car!

We sold our Ford today. I've never been a huge Ford fan, but it was really a good car for us! I am not an emotional person, so I was surprised to feel a surge of emotion to see someone else drive it away. We've sure had some great memories in that car (both Naomi and Gabe got their first car ride in it!) and in places that car has taken us. Of course, we have the bad memories too (paying to fix something expensive RIGHT after we bought it, having two screaming kids in it, etc.)!!

Now that I've gotten that out of the way, we are thrilled it's gone and we can pay a chunk off our new car loan! Matt's just excited to be able to park his car in the carport again.

Pumpkin fun!

October is pumpkin-carving time! We had a fun evening carving pumpkins with Angie, Richie & Mylie. Thanks, guys! Matt's pumpkin was really cool (should have done a close-up; it's a haunted house with a tree by it). I went with basic triangles - can't mess those up, right?

Naomi had her own pumpkin-decorating event with friends, using stickers, paint, glue, and other random materials to create her masterpiece. She was happy with the outcome...and I am happy with whatever keeps her entertained!!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Powdered sugar addiction

Naomi has a powdered sugar addiction. She discovered the canister with powdered sugar and has learned how to work the latch on it. One morning we were scrambling eggs (or I thought "we were", but apparently "I was") and turned to see her chowing powdered sugar...for breakfast no less!

The first picture shows Naomi at the end of a piano lesson. While I was teaching, Naomi escaped the babysitter and delved into the powdered sugar. The second picture shows Naomi immediately after she informed me that yes, she was aware that we only use powdered sugar for cooking. Then she stuck her hand in the container again and pulled out another heap of powder to shove into her mouth.

Hangin' with Gabe

Here Gabe is displaying his sitting skills. He's occasionally a tad wobbly so I like to have the pillows around him. And of course the picture wouldn't be complete without the drool on his chin. We don't go for picture-perfect here...we're all about how it really is!

Flower lover