Thursday, October 16, 2008

Matt the Handyman (just like Bob the Builder!)

On Saturday, Matt pulled out the work gloves and put in new kitchen countertops. We had gotten approval from our landlords, and I was SO EXCITED! The old countertops were beyond ghetto...I probably won't believe if you say yours are worse than those ones. Matt started by ripping out the old ones. Wow, it looked like a disaster area!

Unfortunately, the stock countertops that are supposed to fit everything didn't fit...most things about our house are uneven or installed oddly (like the bedroom fan which has no inside switch, so it has to be turned on and off from the breaker outside), so it shouldn't have been a surprise. That meant a lot of extra work for Matt as he custom fit the counters. He did a fantastic job!

I LOVE my new counters! I can't count how many times since Saturday I have walked into the kitchen just to admire them. Even more exciting is the fact that I can put food on the counters without paint flaking off and attaching itself to our food! (Yeah, I told you they were ghetto before!)

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