Friday, October 10, 2008

Pumpkin fun!

October is pumpkin-carving time! We had a fun evening carving pumpkins with Angie, Richie & Mylie. Thanks, guys! Matt's pumpkin was really cool (should have done a close-up; it's a haunted house with a tree by it). I went with basic triangles - can't mess those up, right?

Naomi had her own pumpkin-decorating event with friends, using stickers, paint, glue, and other random materials to create her masterpiece. She was happy with the outcome...and I am happy with whatever keeps her entertained!!

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Angie said...

wow matt's did turn out pretty cool! a few bugs and things found their way into ours...AND they are looking like they've been sitting there over a month now! must be that stinkin' heat! (although i can't complain, it IS cooling down!)