Sunday, January 31, 2010

Naomi's Soccer Experiences

Naomi is on a soccer team for three year olds. She was THRILLED about the idea of playing soccer. I'm guessing that's because Matt and I have both played in soccer leagues, and she's gone to some of the games.

Our girl almost burst with excitement when we headed to the store to get shin guards and soccer socks. After some fun soccer practices, we headed to our first game. Naomi's in the yellow jersey with long pink sleeves underneath.

We had promised her one penny for every time she touched the ball. Here she made a diligent effort to GET THAT BALL!

This is what she spent most of her time doing, though...


on the end of the field away from the ball...

She did earn four pennies, though!! Subsequent game experiences have been very similar.

What can I say?? We have a dancer on our hands!

Naomi will not be continuing soccer but will be resuming dance classes once soccer ends at the end of February.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Merrells have surfaced!

Yep, we're alive. Bet you couldn't tell it by our blog posting...but we're here!

When you haven't posted pictures for awhile, it's a struggle to figure out where to start. We'll start with a few sweet but random pictures from the last month.

Licking cookie dough from the beaters by the Christmas tree...classic!

Making the house look festive (Naomi actually took this picture)...

No snow in Tucson, but we did get a bit of rain! If truth be told, it wasn't actually raining in this picture. Naomi was standing underneath the drainpipe AFTER it finished raining. :)


Thanks for checking back in on us. (Did anyone check back in on us? Drat. We probably lost our two followers by not blogging more often.)

I promise to post again soon! This will keep you on the edge of your seat: