Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cold spell hits Tucson!

That's right, we actually dug out our very lightest jackets a week or so ago and used them once or twice! Being from Utah, thinking about wearing short sleeves to the park during November and playing there for hours seems absolutely nuts. Yet here is the proof (from a distance).

We love going to the park and playing with friends. Naomi enjoys slides, climbing ladders, playing with steering wheels, playing on benches, but her favorites are definitely hanging from bars and swinging!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Naomi baby-sits the Humphries' fish

We watched the Humphries' fish while they were at Disneyland for Halloween. They brought the fish over while Naomi was napping. Later that day, I hadn't reviewed fish rules with Naomi when I realized she was being VERY quiet and was in the same room as the fish. I called out, "Naomi, what are you doing?" She said, "I'm going to CATCH. THAT. FISH." Yup, her hand was in the fishbowl!

I am happy to report all the fish survived the week.

Go Cougars!

Brainwashing your children is an appropriate outlet for pride for your alma mater, right?

Thanks for the idea, Elise. I love them! Gabe may not appreciate them fully yet, but I feel a sense of pride in having made them.

Really? She plays with friends?

Occasionally it does happen! Normally Naomi doesn't really play WITH friends, but here they had an all-out picnic!

Sabino Canyon

I've taken the kids to Sabino Canyon a couple times recently. We love it! We do some hills while they are in the stroller, find a picnic area for lunching, and then Naomi gets to splash in the (cold, cold) water. Fun for all! Last week we went with friends and got a few pictures.

It was in November, but they are sporting their Halloween shirts from Grandma & Grandpa Merrell, which came in super handy since they don't have many cold weather clothes.