Sunday, December 17, 2006

10 month update

Naomi hit the 10 month mark on Sunday! No one reads paragraphs anymore (or so most of my family implied over Thanksgiving when they told me they only look at the pictures on the blog), so here are the main highlights:

  • Naomi flaps her arms and occasionally waves hi or good-bye, but never on demand.
  • She can stand up by herself until she realizes our hands aren't supporting her, then she sits right down.
  • Naomi's favorite treat is a banana (not in the pureed form): I whipped out a banana for her during church today (not our usual church snack fare, but today was a rough day for her so I thought she deserved a treat), and she vocalized her excitement so much that we finally hid the banana and pulled out the veggie puffs.
  • She loves dogs and absolutely goes berserk with excitement when she sees our neighbor's dog. Since the dog is familiar with kids, I let Naomi touch the dog and she just giggles and loves every second of it, even when she accidentally gets whacked by the frenzied tail-wagging!
  • At her 9 month well baby appointment, Naomi weighed in at 16 pounds, putting her at in the 10th percentile for her age group. For height, she's in the 25th percentile. Other moms are blown away by how much Naomi eats, but obviously she's putting it to good use!
  • Naomi's current favorite game: unloading all the items off the changing table. That includes diapers one by one, then clothes from baskets, changing pad covers, etc. It's still entertaining to me, so you can tell I'm a first-time mom. When she picks something up, she generally flaps it around to see if it does anything interesting or looks like food, and then drops it on the floor while moving onto something bigger and better.
Naomi is as huggable, sweet, beautiful, astounding, and intelligent as ever a baby could be...she put a fake rosebud in her mouth and tried to hide it from me, she is entertained for great lengths of time by the grocery ads (mostly tearing and waving them around), and she LOVES her toothbrush. She is enchanted by our Christmas tree and the sparkly lights on the houses in our neighborhood. All in all, with her heritage, she can't escape being highly intelligent!