Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sibling Love!

Naomi discovered a few months ago that she can make Gabriel giggle, and she's been doing it ever since. She's an all-star entertainer!

My favorite of Naomi's current quirks is when she calls Gabe "boy". At any hour of the day, you can expect to hear her calling, "Come get it, boy!", "Go over there, boy!", even "I love you, boy!". I haven't the slightest idea where she picked this up, but it never fails to make me smile.

The Concept of a Drive-Thru

Naomi has been in a car when we've gone through a drive-thru, but she never seemed interested in it until...the Slivkas came to play! Zoey had Isaac and Naomi ordering food through the window, and now playing "drive-thru" is high on Naomi's list of entertainment thrills.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Slave Labor!

Another lesson learned...

Today I turned my back for a few moments while Naomi pushed the button which closes the van side door. She's done it plenty of times while I've watched, and we've talked about not sticking hands or anything back inside the van while the door is closing. I thought, "She won't have any problems at all". Then the screaming started...the bags in my hands hit the garage floor...and my little girl's fingers had to be rescued from the door.

Luckily there was only an indent line, a teeny bit of torn skin, and some tears. That's nothing that can't be cured by some Tylenol (more for the placebo effect than anything), some cuddles and a brief watching of Tigger & Pooh!

Perhaps the next few times I'll supervise from afar to make sure she's really got it down before turning my back again!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Hairstyle update

I have joined the world of folks with bangs. I LOVE THEM!

Fun at the zoo!

We've been to the zoo time and again.

Yet somehow we have never seen this peacock!

I project that we will hereafter visit the peacock on each zoo visit.

I love my little girl, but....

I strongly prefer that her hair is combed and in clips or ponytails. That occasionally results in all-out throw-down struggles (but usually she's easily distracted with the water spray bottle!). Lest you think I am unfeeling, I included the last picture to show you that minutes after the "lying on the floor sobbing" picture, she was happily playing with toys.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Ever tried to jump off your bed?

Sometimes you fall backwards, occasionally you overshoot and end up with your head in the frog's lap, and when it all works out, your face shows the glee and your squeals make Mommy look past the fact that you're absolutely not supposed to be jumping off your bed.

Naomi turnin' three...wowee!

The third birthday has come and gone, and Naomi officially loves birthday celebrations.

We had a Nemo/fish theme. Props to Matt on the cake...I had originally planned to go all-out on the cake and then got realistic. Some of Naomi's friends came over for fun with a bubble machine, fishing for prizes, food and lots of play.

Tragically, we only got THREE pictures on the day itself. We did get some video footage, but I am disappointed in our lack of parental skills. RULE #1: take a vast number of pictures at every opportunity. Whoops!

Mom and Dad, the 3rd picture is for you. This is your gift to Naomi. She has to use the appropriate key to open each door (they are color-coded). Even Gabe loves the toy!

Pump It Up - Caden's party!

We recently went to Caden's birthday party at Pump It Up. It was nice to see the Eldredge''s been awhile! And Naomi loved it, of course. She spent ridiculous amounts of time going through the obstacle course, and my presence was required. I always get a workout at PIU!

In case you can't spot Naomi in the picture, she's the one with the fingers in her mouth pulling a wacky face.