Friday, March 06, 2009

Naomi turnin' three...wowee!

The third birthday has come and gone, and Naomi officially loves birthday celebrations.

We had a Nemo/fish theme. Props to Matt on the cake...I had originally planned to go all-out on the cake and then got realistic. Some of Naomi's friends came over for fun with a bubble machine, fishing for prizes, food and lots of play.

Tragically, we only got THREE pictures on the day itself. We did get some video footage, but I am disappointed in our lack of parental skills. RULE #1: take a vast number of pictures at every opportunity. Whoops!

Mom and Dad, the 3rd picture is for you. This is your gift to Naomi. She has to use the appropriate key to open each door (they are color-coded). Even Gabe loves the toy!

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