Monday, February 18, 2008

Oops, forgot to finish the Utah trip pictures!

Here are a few more pictures from our Utah trip. Naomi LOVED playing on Grandma's bed and practiced her somersaults there quite a bit. Unfortunately, she never quite caught onto the idea of making sure she wasn't going to fall off the edges...small detail anyway, I suppose!

Here Grandpa Jones is reading a bedtime story to Naomi.

Now Grandpa and Naomi are negotiating who gets how much of the Jell-O!

Budding musician

Here Naomi displays her...uh, playing the piano. Occasionally she will also sing while she plays. I've convinced her for the most part that the piano should not be played with the whole hand crashing down repeatedly, but using one or two fingers at a time to play individual notes. Now she instructs me daily on the use of just one or two fingers at a time.

And some more for your enjoyment...

Valentine's Party

Naomi and I hosted a small Valentine's party before the big day itself. Naomi had fun placing the sticky foam hearts all over (all over pretty much everything in addition to the designated spot). And she discovered Oreos...quite possibly her first time having Oreos, and she managed to sneak about 4 before I put the kabosh on having any more!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Trip to Utah: Sunday

Unfortunately, despite Grandpa Jones being home most of the afternoon, we spent our time watching the Superbowl (yah, Giants!!) instead of taking fun pictures with Naomi. Here are a couple pictures we did get, though: Naomi playing with Grandma's hat, and Naomi playing on Edward's bench. You can see the rocking horse in the background; she's had lots of fun on that, too.

The time goes so fast! We will be leaving on Tuesday. I think we'll stop by the BYU Bookstore and pick up some t-shirts for the family (go Cougs!).

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Naomi meets snow!

Pretty dark - sorry!

Trip to Utah: Saturday

Here are pictures of Naomi and Grandma reading books (obtained on a library trip on Friday) and us out having fun in the snow. Naomi cried when we had to come indoors and begged to see the cats some more. She watched the cows for a few moments, but they apparently were not nearly as interesting as the cats...

Trip to Utah: Friday

Friday was pretty cold again, so we were only outside long enough to go to and from the car. Naomi spent some of her time inside cuddling up with the huge teddy bear, watching out the window while Grandma fed the cows, and playing with the dollhouse.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Trip to Utah: Day 2

Now we're in Monroe and having fun at Grandma and Grandpa Jones' house. Yesterday morning Naomi braved the snow, cold temperatures, and worst of all, the winds to accompany Grandma to the mailbox for the newspaper. Grandma carried Naomi back up the hill for the return journey - it was just too cold to dawdle!

Naomi likes seeing the big snowy mountains and talking about the snow. She doesn't mind being bundled in hats, coats, scarves and mittens. And she's made it her personal quest to see the kitty cats, even though they only make an appearance in the garage once a day or so.

Yesterday evening we took Naomi to the swimming pool. Unfortunately, we have no pictures, but she couldn't get enough of the slide that dumped her into the shallow pool and we had a fun time.

She is eagerly awaiting our opportunity to go see the cows.

Trip to Utah: Day 1

Naomi and I flew into SLC on Wednesday, and Grandpa Jones picked us up at the airport. We played at Bethany's house with Dahlia and Bobbie and Grandma Jones. Aunt Allyson came over and played, too! We had Cafe Rio, which I get about once a year, so it's worth mentioning.

It was Naomi's first time touching snow, and she loved it. That is, until her hands got so cold she cried uncontrollably.