Friday, February 01, 2008

Trip to Utah: Day 2

Now we're in Monroe and having fun at Grandma and Grandpa Jones' house. Yesterday morning Naomi braved the snow, cold temperatures, and worst of all, the winds to accompany Grandma to the mailbox for the newspaper. Grandma carried Naomi back up the hill for the return journey - it was just too cold to dawdle!

Naomi likes seeing the big snowy mountains and talking about the snow. She doesn't mind being bundled in hats, coats, scarves and mittens. And she's made it her personal quest to see the kitty cats, even though they only make an appearance in the garage once a day or so.

Yesterday evening we took Naomi to the swimming pool. Unfortunately, we have no pictures, but she couldn't get enough of the slide that dumped her into the shallow pool and we had a fun time.

She is eagerly awaiting our opportunity to go see the cows.

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