Friday, January 28, 2011

Random pictures from the move

I was holding off doing the "Moving" post until I get a picture of our caravan. It was beastly and must be documented. As I don't have access to that picture yet, here are a few random photos.

A kid has to get creative when all the toys are packed.
Naomi used the boxes in her room to create a sleeping area.

All the furniture was packed...the kids were puzzled about where to sit when eating.

A brief stop as we trekked across Texas.
This was a dusty area next to a hotel parking lot.
The kids thought it was fabulous!

Andrew is grinning. I'm not sure WHY, since at this point he had been in a carseat for hours beyond hours. Maybe it's because I got to hold hands with him across most of New Mexico. :)

The other kids don't look to beaten down yet. (Yet being the key word.)

More to come!

Monday, January 24, 2011


So...we moved to Georgia. And we are still alive, although you may not know it from our blog. :) What to show you about the past couple months???

Making cookies for Santa!!
Grandma Jones spearheaded the project:

Everyone liberally sampled the cookie dough:

There was some leftover dough, so the kids got to sprinkling and decorating. And some of the sprinkles even ended up on the cookies!!

No finished product pictures. We were too busy eating them.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

A few of our fabulous Tucson friends!

We have some terrific friends still in Tucson, and it was great getting to spend some more time with them right before we left. Unfortunately, we didn't get to see ALL of them, and we didn't get many pictures. Here are a few, though!

The Mumfords!
From our first ward in Tucson...we've done some great things with these folks. Camping (with Sterling's famous "NewlyWed game"), renting a cabin, vicious rounds of Settlers of Catan, etc.
They graciously allowed us to invade their home the Sunday before we moved.

(Picture taken by Naomi)

(Picture taken by Matt)

And then for some fabulous fabulous fabulous friends
whom I originally met through Meetup Moms of Tucson,
but who became so much more than "some people from my group"!

Jessica & Michelle...brilliant, fabulous, incredible, hilarious...

Val & Lisa (Emelia is in the carseat in the background;
she is Lisa's little babe who is 5 days older than Andrew!)
...the friendliest, most organized, financially knowledgeable, ultimate information guru...

Val & Regina!
(I'm on my tippy toes and Regina is crouching down!)
My source of sewing expertise, my super super super wonderfully sweet and incredibly talented friend who is surprisingly hardcore (she has her own motorcycle). Her husband is coming to Atlanta in March; we need to start a bake sale to get enough money to sponsor Regina and the kids to come along too!! Let me know if you want to buy $500 worth of brownies. :)


And so many more, but no pictures of them. :(
We miss you guys lots already!!


Big events around here lately!

#1. We moved to Georgia.

#2. Matt successfully defended his dissertation.

#2. Naomi lost her first tooth.