Saturday, April 20, 2013

Pillow Fights and Giggles!

When Andrew isn't tattling about something Gabe is doing, they are best buds! (My personal favorite: when he can't find anything Gabe is doing wrong, he says, "Gabe's doing that!".)

It was so fun to hear giggles coming from the back of the car the other day!


Andrew and I had a friend over on Tuesday. Andrew helped to keep her happy, and at one point he brought her a toy and said, "Here you go, sweetie!".

I'd forgotten what a path of destruction a curious 1 year old can leave behind! When I was ready for a break, I set them to sorting bugs at the table. :-)

Monday, April 15, 2013

Stone Mountain Train

This was the second day of spring break. It was also about 30 seconds before both boys began dusting off all the nearby benches, which were completely coated with yellow pollen, leaving me with two yellow boys!

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Library Time!

The kids had a day off school a couple weeks ago. and we spent a chunk of time at the library. We checked out a library branch other than the one we normally frequent, and we loved it!

Gabe discovered these magnets and these were his words of choice to spell all by himself!

Home Depot, once again!

April's building project: bird feeders! Gabe was enthusiastic throughout and did everything he possibly could. Naomi did a good portion of hers, and she needs to learn to hit harder with the hammer!

We came straight from soccer, thus Gabe's soccer garb. Gabe remains a defensive player by instinct (they don't have positions when they are 4!) but managed to make 4 goals along the way!