Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tea Party

I don't want to make this family blog political, but I got to attend a "tea party" protest last Wednesday, and thought I'd post some pics.
The protest organizers, including our friends Trent and Jen Humphries.
The police estimated about 4,000 people at the peak. I had to leave before that, and would guess that there were at least 5,000 total.

My favorite sign was the "Don't Tax Me Bro". Reference.

1 Year Old!

Gabe turned one last week, but with the move to a new house, we didn't have much time to celebrate. So here he is chowing down on a birthday cupcake.

Spring Training

While Matt was at work, Val and the kids got to go see the final preseason game. And they got a free hot dog, drink, and a bag of chips. And a free hat. Thanks Jessica for the tickets!

Denver Wedding

At the end of March, Matt got to travel to Denver for the wedding of a college roomate. While this alone was worth the trip, he also got to see almost all of his college roommates, since they came as well. A few pics...

By the way, that's not the groom with some other woman; that's his twin.