Thursday, September 30, 2010

He's testing us... see just how far we'll go to keep him happy.

Andrew discovered last week that, if he cried in all other positions, Daddy would hold him like this. Is this really so much more comfortable than any other position? I think it's pure manipulation. But it worked!

Preschool Excitement

Crazy Hair Day at Naomi's preschool
(in honor of learning about the letter C)

And Gabe is into anything that his big sister does, so he got crazy hair also.

I took some pictures of them sitting on the couch, and then asked them to scoot closer together. Gabe stayed put and Naomi scooted closer. This is the look he gave her!

Friday, September 24, 2010

We love Andrew!

Naomi and Gabe have been terrific with Andrew. They are gentle but attentive. Even Gabe, our tough guy who runs through the house growling and roaring , always stops to look in Andrew's eyes, stroke his cheek, poke his tummy, etc. Then he continues with his running and roaring.

In the pictures below, they were taking turns poking a pacifier in Andrew's mouth.
Naomi also used the stethoscope to check Andrew's vitals.

And what do we do when Mommy is busy with Andrew?
We sort beans or beads...

...and make yummy treats, like dirt cups. (This was for family night, and Naomi saw the idea in a kid-friendly cookbook given to us by Grandma Jones. Naomi was so very excited to make it, and although she likes all the ingredients separately, she didn't like the final product at all. Gabe, not being picky, finished his off and helped her out with hers.)

Gabe's antics

Gabe received this cape from Aunt Lori for Christmas. He's worn it off and on, but he put it on about a week ago and decided it should NEVER come off again.

And a couple days later, he decided to add the bike helmet to his ensemble. You can imagine how many indulgent smiles we get as he's running through a store with his cape trailing out behind him. He tends to let out squeals of delight as he runs, and it makes me grin every time!

The Little Man Himself

Andrew, 4 weeks old,
hanging out in the bouncy seat

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Andrew Frederick Merrell
August 25, 2010
12:33 P.M.
9 lb. 5 oz.
22 inches