Sunday, September 30, 2007

I found a fun picture!

Here is a shot of Naomi and Lindsey (a friend from the Tucson Moms group) on a swing/teeter totter combo at My Gym. They both loved it and stayed on it for ages!

Hanging out

Naomi likes to hang out doing whatever we are doing these days. Here we stretched out on the couch, but with her energy level, we didn't stay there for long! (No, it isn't an exciting picture, but it's the only recent one that hasn't been posted...I am slacking in my picture taking!)

Sunday, September 23, 2007


My second triathlon was September 9th at Yuba Lake (in Utah). We had a good time camping with my parents. I was sure Naomi would cry half the night and keep all the triathletes awake (although that could have been a defensive strategy, hmm...), but she did great and conked right out! She also enjoyed running around lots, the tent, and the yummy hot chocolate Grandpa made over the campfire.

In the pictures, you can see the swim start. Everyone got whacked a lot, but that's how it goes! The swim was tough - it was 1/2 mile. In the pool that's no big deal, but since this was basically my second time really swimming in open water, I struggled more than I thought I would. And I stopped on the bike leg to donate my spare tube and the use of my tire pump to another biker...and waited and waited and waited while he took forever trying to change the flat. Overall it was a good experience, though, and I look forward to my next one.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Naomi loves backpacks!

As the title says, she loves the things. She loves to wear them, and she loves the word ("BahPah, BahPah"). While Matt was in CO for a conference, Val and Naomi got to stay in Monroe and play. With a backpack.

Family Picture

'Nuff said...

After the big ride

We got to see lots of Val's family a few weeks ago and are just now getting pictures posted. One of the fun things we got to do was ride bikes down a river trail. It was fun, and pretty relaxed, and we got breakfast at the end of the ride. Unfortunately, by then the sun was out and beating down, leading everyone to cower in the shade of the bike-transporter (horse-trailer).

Socks with bells

While we were in WA visiting Matt's family, one of Naomi's favorite things to do was stand on this stool, and watch their cat Raja through the front window. One day, we found these socks with little bells sewn in, which resulted in this great photo-op.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Painting with the neighbors

Occasionally when Naomi and I are bored, we head over to the neighbor's house to see what craziness is going on over there. Sammy (age 5) and Caleb (age 3) are always good entertainment. On this fun day, they were painting with sidewalk paint, so we joined right in!

Merrell family pic

Here's a picture we took in Washington, moments before Kenny and Echo headed back to Utah.

Day in Seattle with Shane, Amy, and Sahara Watts

We got to spend a few hours in Seattle with Shane, Amy, & Sahara Watts, and here are some fun pictures! We tromped through Pike Place Market, wandered along the wharf, chased seagulls, and ended up at the children's playground in REI.

More about that trip to WA!

I never finished my posts about our trip to Washington! Here are some more fun pictures:

1. Grandma Merrell and Naomi doing what Naomi loves - gardening!

2. Kenny letting Brittany do all the work on the tandem bicycle

3. Naomi relentlessy following Rajah (the cat) around the house and even outside