Saturday, June 30, 2007

Naomi's shoe fetish

Naomi is on a real shoe kick. If she likes your shoes (and she likes pretty much all shoes), she'll take off with them. She especially likes to walk in them around the house.

This picture is of Naomi wearing Matt's flip flops. (Pic is blurry, we know, but you get the idea.) I had helped her do some laps in the kitchen wearing them. Then, awhile later, to my complete surprise, she slid her feet into them again and took off all by herself! I kept waiting for her to tip over and not be able to get going again, but she did great, even maneuvering through the turns beautifully. She did great, that is, until we pulled the camera out!

My baby's growing up!

I thought this when she started wearing two piece pajamas, then again when she started wearing a nightgown. It came up when she started demanding her own utensils to feed herself (although that's not always a successful venture). The idea pops up all the time, so it shouldn't have surprised me when I took this peaceful picture that she looked SO BIG to me! My baby's growing up!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Gardening Girl

We got Naomi a watering can so she could participate in caring for our very small garden (2 tomato plants, a few cucumber plants, a few pepper plants, and some flowers). It took a couple times of demonstrating how to use the watering can before she got the hang of it, but now whenever she sees Matt heading for the back door, she runs pell-mell over there and dances around by the door anxiously until I can get her shoes on and the watering can in her hand.

The first picture is of Naomi helping Matt water the flower area. With those wide bricks to reach across, she usually ends up watering mostly the bricks and her feet, but she sure has fun doing it! And we get squeals whenever Matt sends a squirt of water from the hose her way.

The second picture shows us hanging out on Naomi's bench. We used to hang out on it a lot more when Naomi wasn't an active participant in gardening!

Bedtime Reading

Naomi's new favorite bedtime book starts out "Hush little baby, don't say a word...Mama's going to show you a hummingbird." It goes along with the regular mockingbird song but focuses on nature appreciation instead of commercial purchases. To keep baby happy, Mama and baby listen to the crickets call, search for shooting stars, look at the harvest moon, play on the old banjo, etc.

Here Matt is reading the book with Naomi and her reading buddy. When the book mentions Mama finding baby's teddy bear, Naomi always looks around and grabs for her teddy bear!


Naomi has been doing these headstands for quite some time now. It just took me awhile to get pictures of it! Most recently she's started getting in this position and then balancing on her head and one hand while reaching between her feet for a sippy cup or any other fun object.

I don't usually hang out in this position myself. Perhaps Matthew is a closet yoga addict, but I doubt it. So I'm guessing Naomi either picked this up after seeing my post-run stretches or just figured it out herself when messing around one day. Whatever the origination, it's one of her favorite things to do!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Bug antennae

Check out Naomi's new hairdo. I've been calling her my bug all she has the hairstyle to match the nickname!

The sequence of events as pictured here is classic. Naomi checks out the camera (or whatever is going on), then heads for the kitchen and looks to see why we aren't following!

Hauling potatoes

Naomi discovered our bag of potatoes and decided to lug it around. She covered some pretty good ground before depositing the bag on our living room floor and heading for the toy bin!

Sippy cups

Here are Naomi and Sadie, just a-chuggin' away on their sippy cups!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

We miss out on so much Seher fun!

From Bethany's latest email:

New Seher Family Rule:
Rule #13
No Eating Miracle-Gro
Even if just a little bit won't hurt a 3 year old, per Poison Control. That kind of stress is bad for Mommy's heart. I'm gonna fall over dead one of these days from fright.

Bobbie just kept watering the plants while I panicked and held Dahlia's head/mouth under the faucet and yelled Spit it out, SPIT IT OUT!!