Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Not your average Sunday at the Merrell's!

This last weekend was General Conference for the LDS church. That means we don't have regular church, and 4 sessions of talks from church leaders are broadcast on t.v. We all enjoyed the slow feel to the day!

We have a few family traditions, and one is having coffee cake for General Conference. Mmmmmm....

Our conference-watching activities documented:

lounging in pajamas and eating

Reading (and later, coloring)

Playing games with our faces

Sporting darling green stripe-y pj's
(and pointing to the t.v. in case Mommy forgot to watch conference)


Edward Jones said...

I LOVE coffee cake! Gabe is surely twice as large as when I visited in the spring.

Bethany said...

Mom will be fully scandalized if there was no big bag of mixed licorice. After all it is a Jones family tradition at General Conference. Also tradition is Mom hording all the black licorice, and feeding us kids the yucky red ones.