Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Rolling over

Yes, the rumors are true - Naomi has rolled over! Three times to be exact, and all this morning. I lay her on her back for reading time every day, and then I lay beside her and we read books that I hold above us. Today during "Barnyard Dance" (a highly recommendable book by Sandra Boynton), she decided the pictures weren't so interesting, and she rolled over! I turned her over on her back and she rolled over again. So then I grabbed the video camera, and of course she showed absolutely no signs of turning over, not even turning to her side. I guess the video camera is an interesting object, so she was content to check it out. I eventually tricked her into not watching it, though, and over she rolled!

What brilliance, what ingenuity, what....oh, wait - all babies do that? Anyway, it was an exciting moment in the Merrell household, caught on videotape and to be played for Daddy as soon as he gets home (or even better, Naomi could give a repeat performance!).

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