Monday, June 05, 2006


Just in the last week, Naomi has started turning onto her side, and it can only be a little time until she rolls all the way over! However, she has done pretty well at preventing us from getting a picture of it. This morning I heard her waking up, so I went into her room (yes, she has confiscated an entire room of our 2-bedroom apartment) and unwrapped her from her blanket burrito. I usually let her lounge there for a minute or so while I talk to her and get some smiles. I turned around for a second, and when I looked back, she had rolled over to her side and was hanging out there. I let her know she was doing something cool (translation: high-pitched, excited Mommy-talk), and then I dove for the camera. By the time I turned it on, took the lens cap off, and pointed it at her, she had decided to return to her back-lying position and had assumed this victory pose. "Victory once again, Mommy! You didn't get the picture you wanted!"

In other related matters, Naomi is a bubble-making machine. She'll have a massive amount of bubbles hanging off her lips, but when I bring a burp rag close to wipe them off, she sucks them back into her mouth. Retractable bubbles?? Once the burp rag has disappeared from sight, out they come again. What a tease, without even knowing it!


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys-
So I think that you should post a warning on this one about not reading while at work. Today I teared up so much at work just reading this I had to get up and do some filing for a bit to stop! I don't know if it is because of the happiness that I am feeling for you guys and your little girl or that I'm just pregnant and that sort of thing comes with the excitement of becoming a Mom as well. Either way-thank you for sharing this-I was truly touched.

Anonymous said...

Somehow this comment posted to the wrong posting. It should be commenting on the "Being a Parent" posting. I must have messed up somewhere! Just wanted to let you know!