Monday, June 12, 2006

Naomi the jumping bug

We put Naomi in this doorway jumper on Saturday for the first time. She did a little twisting and bouncing, and she also stuck her left arm through the left leg hole and hung out like that for a bit (you can see a glimpse of this in the 2nd picture). Her torso did some circles in the seat area since she's too little to be held snugly. All in all, we think she liked it and will learn to love it!


Anonymous said...

She looks adorable in her jumper. Just think of the soccer/basketball/track/dance?? legs she's going to have. We really enjoy seeing the pictures of her and you.


P.S. There are several girl lefties in our family: Renee, Chelsey (in some things), Mercedes, and Brittany. Norman B. Wing (my dad's dad) was also left-handed, so it wouldn't be too big of a surprise if Naomi used that hand--if it is genetic.

Naomi the Awesome said...

I'm right-handed, Grandma (I can tell it's you).