Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Hard day

Naomi had a tough day yesterday. It was her second round of immunizations. She had a rocky day, being somewhat cranky and tired, and much more passive than usual. She also spit up quite a bit more than usual, which resulted in some clothes changes for Mommy.

Since Naomi didn't react well to the first round of immunizations, I gave her Tylenol throughout the day yesterday as a preventative measure. She did sleep through the night, which we thought she might not since that's what happened last time she got immunizations.

This morning I discovered one of the shot sites was raised, emanating heat, and had a rash spreading out from it. The doctor's office assured me this can be a normal reaction to vaccinations and gave me a few pointers on things to do to help reduce the symptoms. They will call back this afternoon to check on her status and will have her come in if it's not satisfactory.

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