Friday, June 23, 2006

Standing and dancing

Naomi likes for us to put her feet on a surface and help support her while she is in a standing position. Since she's so wobbly, it looks like she's a-dancin' and a-swayin'. Matt puts her on the bathroom counter to do this. She loves looking at the bottles and such on the countertop, but she also checks out the mirror once in awhile. She sees her reflection, watches it for a second, and then grins. She looks away for a minute and then repeats that pattern over and over. And when she gets tired of that, looking at Mommy's face or Daddy's face in the mirror gets more smiles and sometimes giggles.

I do this in Naomi's bedroom, too. I stand her up in the crib with her back facing me and help her stand while she checks out her sea-life mobile from a different angle. She gets especially excited when the octopus spins around and dances all over. (I guess I just need a spinning octopus to put near her doorway jumper to get her excited and jumping.)

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