Monday, June 05, 2006

Being a parent

I was going to post some more pictures of Naomi, but the blog is having difficulties with pictures at the moment. I'll post them once the problem is determined, so check back soon for fun pictures. If you have difficulty seeing the pictures, refresh the page and that might do the trick.

For now, here are some rambling thoughts about being a parent.

There have been so many moments over the past 15 weeks that I have marveled at Heavenly Father's generosity in giving this child to us. Matthew tells me I worry about everything, especially in connection with Naomi, but who wouldn't with such a responsibility? (Besides, it's productive worrying because I come up with solutions to problems!) Anyway, this morning as I was making up silly songs to entertain Naomi, I once again was filled with emotion at how beautiful and perfect she is, and amazed at how much I will do to get a smile, to stop her from crying, to keep her entertained or make her more comfortable, etc! As she smiled at the crazy sounds in the song, and as I thought about how sometimes I catch her watching me even when I'm not doing crazy silly things for her, I decided that if you want someone to look at you like you are the most amazing person in the world, you should just spend a little time with a baby. (Of course, the other 80% of the time Naomi is looking at me like I'm absolutely nuts!)

I was talking with a friend the other day about the idea that you either laugh or cry, so you might as well laugh, and that seems especially applicable as a parent. (Sorry, Mom and Dad, for all those tears!) I told my friend that we do a lot of laughing in our house! Naomi is so great, though, that most of those laughing moments aren't because I secretly want to scream. Anything is funnier or cuter when a little baby does them - burp, poop, bop herself in the head, you name it!

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