Thursday, June 08, 2006

16 week update

Naomi will be 16 weeks tomorrow, and here's what's going on in her world:

1. Naomi still LOVES hair, mostly watching it, but she doesn't mind munching on it, either.
2. She enjoys watching ceiling fans.
3. Since she can roll over, changing diapers and clothes is now much more of a challenge!
4. She has stopped screaming and crying if we are in the car longer than 5 minutes. (It's amazing how, when you have a screaming child in the car, your body tenses up like crazy and you start going much faster than the speed limit without realizing it!)
5.We got a GIGGLE out of her today!! Just one, but it was absolutely adorable and much anticipated!
6. She likes seeing the world, so she enjoys facing forward in the chest carrier. This has shown me that I am naturally a more graceful walker than Matt (or perhaps just slower?), because her head bops around quite a bit more when he is carrying her.
7. She loves the song "Old McDonald". My throat is getting sore from trying to make cool animal sounds.

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