Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Rice cereal

Naomi has been eating rice cereal for about a week now. She does fine with it, but our mellow little babe doesn't get too excited about eating. She does, however, absolutely love to drink water from a cup. She sticks her tongue on top and laps it up like a little doggy! When a cup is in sight, Naomi is reaching towards it with all of her energy!

I have to admit I was rather disappointed in the first feeding session. I had piles of bibs and burp rags on hand, and I couldn't wait to get her in that high chair. I was prepared for a knock-down drag-out fight over trying to get her to eat the rice cereal. Alas, my expectations were far from accurate. There were no flying spoons or bowls, no spitting cereal onto the floor, walls, or Mommy, no desperate attempts to escape from the high chair. Naomi twisted around to check out a noise now and then, but for the most part she let me spoon the stuff right in her mouth. I'm sure the excitement factor will kick in as she gets more used to it and figures out she can protest, so I should be grateful for the calm feeding times I get now, right? Ah the naiveties of a new parent...

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Anonymous said...

Good - We've been waiting for more pictures of Naomi. If she has food all over her, I'm sure we can still make out her features!~ LOL! Love you, Mom and Dad