Thursday, August 17, 2006

The cracker issue

In every book and website on baby information, you will find a list of developmental activities which babies should be doing at specific ages. Every time I look at those lists (which is only about once a month, to see which activities we should we working on) I wonder this: what idiot came up with the one that a baby should be able to feed himself/herself a cracker by 6 months?

First of all, Naomi has no teeth, and the average age for getting teeth is supposed to be 7-9 months. Are they supposed to slobber all over the cracker until it's absolute mush and then they can swallow it? Or is the issue that they are supposed to bring something to their mouth and bite? I'm assuming that's not it, since that is usually listed separately...

Secondly, Naomi hasn't been eating rice cereal for very long. Looking down the schedule of when to introduce new foods, I don't see crackers listed anytime soon.


Bethany said...

Val, they are talking more about her hand eye coordination then her ability to actually chew/ingest a cracker.

Anonymous said...

I think Bethany is right. Besides that, these things are based on one baby and they are all different, as you have already noticed. Relax and let Naomi try a cracker now and then.....and be prepared to clean up the soggy mess! LOL!