Monday, August 28, 2006

Latest update

Naomi got poked with her third set of immunizations this morning. She didn't blink an eye at the first jab, but the second made her howl. She recovered quickly, though; she was blowing raspberries for the nurse as the needles went in the disposal bin, and she made a concentrated effort to capture and eat the flowers at the checkout desk.

Naomi is now 25 1/2 inches long (50th percentile), 14 lb 8 oz (around 30th percentile), and I don't recall her head measurement, but it was around the 50th percentile as well. Next time some sucker makes a scene about how Naomi is so incredibly huge for her age, I'll just smile and know they are an idiot. (Just kidding, but I do get that comment a lot, and I've gotten a bit sick of it.)

Since rice cereal is going so well and her weight could stand to go up a bit, Naomi will get solids two times a day starting today and we'll add in a third solids meal in the next couple weeks. And we'll be branching out to.....yellow and orange vegetables!! Naomi's gonna be stoked.

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Anonymous said...

At 30% for the weight, she should look a little on the skinny side, don't you think? LOL! We DO need more pictures of her on the Blog so we can moniter her weight, also. :-) Actually, she looks GREAT to us; don't worry about what all those dorks say about her!