Thursday, August 17, 2006

6 months old!!

Today marks 6 months since Naomi has joined our family, and we are thrilled she's here to stay! There are, however, still moments when Matt or I secretly want the other one to either take care of her or throw her out the window (that's a joke dating back to Naomi's wee days).

Naomi's 6 month update:

1. She gives the thermostat huge smiles. Matt and I have to tease and tickle and dance and sing and cart her around everywhere, and that stupid thermostat gets smiles? It probably doesn't even appreciate them...sheesh. (I think it's the circular dial she likes so much.)

2. Naomi's almost ready to graduate to the big-people bathtub! She's definitely ready for the bath toys Aunt Bethany and Grandma Jones sent.

3. She likes to grab her toes and play with them, occasionally sticking them in her mouth...our own little contortionist! Unfortunately, the only picture I have of this is when Naomi was in a state of undress, so I won't be posting that online. It seems every parent has a picture of their naked child, so I guess it was inevitable.

4. Naomi is getting really good at sitting and can stay sitting while propping herself up with her arms. She can stand, too, while holding onto a toy at standing level or other support device (i.e. Mom or Dad).

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