Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Temp job

My old boss lined me up with a possible part-time job at New York Life, but I opted not to do it. I didn't want to end up earning just enough to pay for Naomi's day care. However, I did agree to fill in for a week. They are allowing me to bring Naomi in to work with me, and I am choosing my own hours, as many or as few as I would like. It sounded like a decent way to make a few bucks.

The position is straight secretarial/receptionist, which is an absolute bore. Naomi contrives to spice it up, though. She actually behaved fairly well on Monday. We were there for five hours (I had planned to be there less than four, but things picked up a bit at the end.) She finally exhausted herself and collapsed on my shoulder into a sleep, but those eyes popped right open when I tried to lay her down on a blanket. So much for naps...the same thing was repeated today, except the second time she let the entire floor (and it's a big floor) know she was not pleased with the arrangements.

Even getting the messages off the phone turned out to be trickier than you might imagine. (Any idea how entertaining a phone cord can be to a baby that LOVES to reach out and chew on whatever she can grab?) It sounded like a great idea to bring Naomi since I was only going to do a little light filing and answering the phones for such a short period of time, but never again will I do something like this. Everything that I accomplished in five hours while having Naomi with me would have normally taken me 30 minutes, if that.

Since the duties aren't time-consuming, I did spend some time updating the software on the computer and streamlined a few other things in the office (his current secretary is not very technologically-minded). I should have charged Peter more for my time - I think with those results alone he would have gladly paid it!

Anyway, that's what's going on with Naomi and me this week. Matt's back in classes for his 2nd year - 1 down and a few to go!!

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Bethany said...

It's amazing how children find pleasure in the things that drive us crazy. The girls insist on leaning on my legs when I'm on the laptop, which doesn't sound bad, but in reality is very annoying. They have, thank heaven, grown out of the chewing on cords phase. Now they know what a phone is and demand to talk to anyone I am on the phone with. Hey, maybe the next time a tele-marketer calls I can put Bobbie or Dahlia on. Bet that would get me off their list real quick.

Do you have a bouncy chair (the kind where they are laying at a 45 degree angle, and have stuff dangling over them? Is your exasaucer (sp?) portable enough you could take it? Or maybe your johnny jumper? That might help free up your hands for a little bit.