Monday, July 17, 2006

All for a washing machine...

We've been looking for a washer and dryer, and on Saturday around 3:00 we drove over to central Tucson to check out a washer. The owner was moving and Matt did a bit of haggling and got her to drop the price.

Once we secured the washer, it was time to find a way to move it. We borrowed our home teacher's truck to pick it up. However, he's in high school, and like most high schoolers, not too into checking the gas tank level. SO...on the way to the gas station, the truck ran out of gas and Matt had to push it out of the intersection. Luckily, a very generous elderly man at the nearest gas station's cash register let me borrow his gas can.

In the meantime, we received a call from the washing machine owner telling us that we had taken too long and she had to leave for a dinner appointment. Matt finally convinced her that Sunday morning was not the ideal time for us to pick up the washer, so he arranged to get it at 9:00 Saturday night. Matt picked up our borrowed laborer (my visiting teachee's son who is home from college for the summer) that evening and headed back to central Tucson. On the way, he saw somebody getting beat up on the side of the road, so he stopped and called 911.

WHAT A DAY. All for a washing time we might just pay more to get a new one and get the stupid thing delivered.


Anonymous said...

What a crazy experience! Hopefully help got there quickly to the guy being beat up, that sounds like a crazy story in its self. Did the attacker know Matt was calling for help, or that people could see what was going on? When I hear about stuff like that it reminds me of what a bubble I truly live in. Hopefully the U will be a good baby step into the real world.

Naomi the Awesome said...

Don't say stupid, Mom, or I'll tell Mom... oh wait...drat.