Thursday, July 13, 2006

2006 Utah Trip - Part 3: Monroe

We spent the last 4 days of our trip in Monroe with part of the Jones family. We had a great time with Ed, Connie, Grandma & Grandpa Schlueter (and Taz!), the Fieldings (Julie, Paul, Jordan, Jared, and Julisa), and the Sehers (Bethany, Dahlia, and Bobbie). We had a hot dog roast up the canyon, a work project involving cow stalls for the guys, a lunch outing for pizza (a huge event when you factor in so many people and small children!), and lots of card games. Here are some great snapshots of:

1. Julie hangin' with Naomi (the latter wearing her awesome orange overalls)
2. Jared entertaining Bobbie during picture-taking; smiles for his girlfriends might be common, but I don't see them much, so I gotta keep this picture around!
3. Bobbie chowing on some watermelon. Dahlia is carefully monitoring Bobbie's intake and impatiently waiting for her turn to attack the watermelon rind.
4. Connie, Val, and Naomi in Monrovian Canyon
5. Grandma Schlueter entertaining Naomi

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Bethany said...

Such a cute picture of the watermelon eating. Too bad it doesn't show the wired kids after eating all that sweet sugary food. Or the sticky mess they made.