Saturday, February 28, 2015

Group Blanket Project!

A neighbor stopped by yesterday evening to help me get drops in Peter's eyes (decidedly NOT a one-person job!), and she mentioned she was heading to Hobby Lobby to get supplies for her daughter (one of Naomi's good friends) to tie a fleece blanket. It occurred to me that Naomi would love that project as well, so I asked her to get another set of material as a surprise for Naomi.

They returned an hour later, armed with fabrics for the girls, and it turns out the boys were just as excited as Naomi. Gabe was the first one to line up the fabrics and start pinning. It was really fun to watch! (Well. I watched until the momentum flagged, then I assisted.)

(Naomi was still in her cowboy gear from the morning's third grade hoedown.)

The finished product (currently being used as a tablecloth at the play cafe): 

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