Monday, January 05, 2015

Naomi's braid

About a year ago, I asked Naomi if she wanted a braid in her hair. She'd been asking for some fancier hairdos, so I told this one would be simple because I hadn't had time to figure out anything more exciting. Her response: "Sure! Braids are so rare around here. I'll take whatever I can get!". HA!

After I stopped laughing at her response, I asked a friend who knows some intricate braids to show me how to do them. That didn't pan out, and it took me a whole year to ask another friend. (I did look up some braids on Pinterest in the meantime, but that's as far as it got!) I mentioned it to a friend last night, and she pulled her daughter over and showed me a slew of braids. So here is our first quick attempt at something fun! 

This picture isn't really included to document my journey with braiding. :) Naomi is so excited about the braids, and I love these pictures of her. So it's really about the girl, and her giddiness about having a braid in her hair!

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