Sunday, January 25, 2015


The morning after recovering from the flu, I wanted to get everything back in order. That included the boys' shaggy heads! My boys know that getting a haircut also means getting a lollipop, so they all happily trooped into my bathroom for a haircut, a lollipop, and a bath! 

The haircuts happened Thursday morning. Matt worked such long hours (making up the days he stayed home to take care of the sick folks) Thursday and Friday, that he didn't even know the haircuts had happened. I took these pictures to post so he could see his handsome boys...but I was too busy playing catch-up with rescheduled piano lessons and other things, and I never got around to posting them. Here they are, finally!

Pictures? We don't want pictures taken, Mom. 

Oh, wait! Mom can get us to giggle by challenging us to NOT smile!

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