Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Noordwijk by Bike, Part I, Section A

What does one do to fill the time while her husband is occupied with other scientific minds? If she had been harbouring a fancy for using bike transport as so many Europeans do, then she would rent a bike and set out into the city!

Noordwijk is much more laid-back than Paris and Amsterdam, traffic-wise.
It was a beautiful day on the bike, albeit windy!

Check out the views over the handlebars! Nieuwe Zeeweg, the road between Noordwijk aan Zee (our area) and Noordwijck Binnen)...
 This is what happens when you don't have anyone to take your picture, and you lack experience in doing it yourself.

A-ha! I am in the frame! I lost the building, though. It's the Oude Jeroenskerk, from the 12th century, renovated in 1450 and still in use.

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Angie said...

I love you and I love that you are still so good at posting, BUT you have GOT to use the feature of making your pictures BIGGER! I have to squint real hard to see your pics and I even have a 27-incher!!! Deal? =)