Thursday, February 17, 2011

Our Boys

Gabe is the sweetest tough guy you'll find around. He loves rough-n-tumble play, but whenever he sees Andrew, he'll rush over to give him a gentle hug and kiss, and then he's off again!

He loves to build things, line up blocks and toys, etc. While Naomi is at preschool and Andrew naps, Gabe and I get out the blocks and figure out what we can make. This is a tower we constructed using every single block we own.

Another of Gabe's main interests is puzzles. The one pictured above has been done countless times (literally! One morning I counted 14 times that we did it!). I finally got a new set of puzzles since he had memorized that one and we figured he (and we!) would enjoy some variety.

And Andrew.

He continues to be our sweet, mellow little guy. I wish he would vocalize more, but it's fun when he does! He grins and laughs, especially for Naomi and Gabe. He loves toys and standing in the exersaucer. He has some super ticklish spots, and he also has two teeth coming in. I'm pretty sure he puts out his body weight in drool daily. And he loves watching our fish!


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I think my Jensen and Gabe would get along so well...blocks and puzzles are totally his thing, too!