Monday, April 07, 2008

Swimming pools and bowling balls

We have an inflatable pool for Naomi that we set up earlier this week. I thought by leaving the water in it for a few days, the water temperature would get warmer and it would be fun for playing. That didn't work at all - it was COLD! Naomi didn't mind it, though, and would play in it until we pulled her out, chattering teeth, blue lips, and all. (We usually put her in a bathing suit, but this was the first time in and we didn't think she would stay for long!)

The pool actually has a whale slide that connects to it; we will wait until the water really is a little warmer to set that up!

And for those who have requested pregnancy pictures, here is a shot of me. It feels like (and looks like!) there's a bowling ball under my shirt!

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