Thursday, April 24, 2008

Gabe's tricks

We took Gabe to the pediatrician when he was a few days old, and she checked out his reaction to being on his tummy. He propped right up to the level they expect of a 4-month old. I thought it was a fluke, but this morning he did it again and held it for a bit. This kid is a turtle, craning his neck and looking all over the place.

(Mom, you can tell Ed Storey that the quilt was bright enough that Gabe wanted to pick his head up and see what was on it! See 3rd pic)

In other random news, Gabe has also rolled over a few times. He goes from his tummy to his back and has rolled both ways (over his left side and over his right side). This doesn't bode well for tummy time efforts, so I guess it's good that he has decently strong neck muscles already!


Jeff and Elise said...

What a cutie!! I'm impressed with all his "milestones" so far! I think he looks like you (Valerie!).

Echo said...

What a little Stud!! Already workin on those pushups-he'll be able to rough-house with Matthew before too long!

00dempsey said...

cute kid!