Tuesday, February 09, 2016

New Dentist

Part of moving involves finding a new dentist - a somewhat terrifying idea! Will the new dentist be terrific, mediocre, or awful?? Luckily, we got a recommendation for a pediatric dentist and went for our first time a couple weeks ago.

The first time, Naomi was the only one with an appointment. Matt was still at work, so I had the boys in the waiting room. I was worried about keeping them quiet and entertained during the appointment, so I brought a big bag chock full of entertainment supplies. What a surprise when I didn't need any of it at all! In fact, the kids like the dentist so much, that when I told them Peter had a dental cleaning this morning, Gabe was sad that he couldn't go as well. How's THAT for liking your DENTIST?!

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