Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Spring 2015 Studio Recital!

For documentation purposes:

The performers:

Presentation of flowers and gift card for my graduating senior, Orrin:

The set-up (so much fun to plan and prepare with 
Autumn and Jefrilyn, my recital committee members!):

The crowning jewels of the refreshment tables. 
A fabulous friend made 80+ of these...she is truly a great friend!: 

My favorite feature: each student received a balloon with a box containing Hershey's Hugs and a personal message of encouragement or praise from me to them.

To get it, though, they had to identify a technique the composer used in my piece ("Royal March of the Lions" by Saint-Saens) to make it sound like lions. This was great - every single student wanted to make sure they talked to me after the recital! Even the youngest students figured it out with a little help, thinking about dynamics, changes in octaves, tempo, etc.

The cupcake tower:

The program table:

My first time performing at one of my studio recitals - I LOVED IT!!! 
I hadn't realized how much I have missed performing. 
This will definitely become a tradition for me.

A beginner trio, including Naomi (in the center). Most of my ensemble work as a student was when I was older. I was blown away by how much work we had to put into learning parts PLUS listening to each other PLUS balancing well. Ensemble skills come fairly naturally to me, but now I am more aware of how much work it can take in the beginning!

They worked very hard and performed beautifully!!

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terrah said...

So lovely! I'm really impressed!