Monday, November 05, 2012

Atlanta LDS Temple Open House

I just discovered this in our drafts folder...this happened in April-ish of 2011.
Those kids look awfully little! 

The Atlanta Georgia LDS temple is being rededicated, and we were able to attend the open house and get a tour of the temple. It was beautiful and peaceful.
Naomi's favorite was the "getting-married room".
Gabe liked the baptistry, because of the baptismal font (to a 3 year old, a small swimming pool) and the statues of oxen holding it up.
You can see the Angel Moroni atop the spire in these pictures. Not all LDS temples have them, but the kids were very excited to see it. (Gabe thinks the angel is holding a baseball bat!)

I am thrilled we will have a temple so close to us - about 25 minutes away. It's a beautiful place where we can seek inspiration, feel God's love for us, and learn about Jesus Christ and about why we are on this earth and how we can be together as a family for all eternity.

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