Sunday, August 26, 2012

Our Sunday

The boys stayed home from church, still recuperating. Naomi's church class got bags of playdough, and she asked and was allowed to bring an extra bag home for Gabe. (Sweet of her! Or perhaps it was so Gabe wouldn't beg for part of hers...we'll take it either way!)  Anyway, Naomi molded two birds, complete with tail feathers and nests!

Here is Andrew, moments after getting numbing eardrops. He's supposed to lay still. :)

Solution: that infamous explorer and her fellow conspirator, the monkey. Yes, our son is head over heels for Dora. It kept a 2 year-old's head on a pillow for a few minutes, anyway!

And if you noticed Andrew is wearing the same clothes as in yesterday's post, be kind in your thoughts. We're just happy we haven't chucked him out the window from all the crying!

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