Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mega Trip, Part III

I arrived at Julie's and Paul's house (my sister!) in Shelley, ID (near Idaho Falls) late Wednesday night. We had a welcoming party, which was fun! It was so exciting just to be there, since it had been a couple of years. 

Matt arrived Thursday evening (via plane to SLC and shuttle to Idaho Falls), and after picking him up, we had a birthday party for Naomi, Gabe AND Andrew!

The party was complete with cupcakes, candles and gifts! (Books they had picked out at the bookstore earlier that day, but it didn't take any of the excitement away!)

On Friday, we took a trip to the zoo. Andrew chillin' in the stroller...

Julisa and kids on the tiger - we had to pry them off, including Julisa. :)

I couldn't let that tiger action slip past me.

Being monkeys...I think?

Lovin' from Cousin Julisa!

Ice cream outing at a local dairy, always a highlight!

Jared (my nephew) and his wife Kara came over from Rexburg, and it was fabulous to see them. I think this was the night we played some grass volleyball.

Love my kids' faces in this one!

We enjoyed indoor s'mores.
THOROUGHLY enjoyed them.

Andrew got in on the present action, too, since he had been asleep during the party.

Picture with Cousin Jordan...why don't I have any pictures of Cahlin?? Sorry, Cahlin!

There are some other pictures which I need to track down, like pictures of the kids on the riding lawnmower with Uncle Paul. They couldn't get enough of it. After awhile, he switched over to his motorcycle, and they couldn't get enough of that, either! Funnily enough, I don't think they would bat an eye at going back to the lawnmower for thrills. Gabe was hilarious...while he was riding, we would hear an occasional, "WAHOO! WAHOO!".

And we played golf on a short course. That was my first time and it was a lot of fun! We went with Jordan, Cahlin, Jared, Kara, Paul and Julisa. I think Kara has pictures on her blog...I'll track those down.

We just had an absolutely terrific time and wish we could go back again very soon!

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