Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Felt Car Mats

My latest project ( of my latest projects!) has been to compile a box full of activities to keep the rugrats entertained on our trek across the country. That's right, folks, it's close enough that we are gettin' ready for the move to Atlanta!!

Matt thinks the portable DVD player will be sufficient. I think you can only stare at a tv screen for so long before getting wiggly and fussy. Thus the "Travel Activity Box". I'll do a whole post on the contents later (because I'm super excited about it!!). For now, I wanted to show off the felt car mats. Everything had to be tray-sized or smaller so the kids can balance it on their trays or laps.

I saw some car mats on Serving Pink Lemonade's blog and decided to use their templates. My kids drooled over these the whole time I was making them, and Naomi is already talking about when we can pull them out of the Travel Activity Box on our drive. So hopefully the mats (accompanied by a few cars, of course), will keep them entertained for a few minutes here and there.

Also, I'm using this post as a huge THANK YOU to my cousin Sarah. I actually have never met Sarah; she married my cousin J.D. and I've communicated with her through blogs and Facebook. But that's it. I posted on Facebook how I couldn't find yellow felt anywhere (can't have car mats without yellow lines down the roads!), and within minutes she offered to mail me yellow felt. And she did.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Sarah! You saved me a few more trips of trooping into craft stores with three children to see if they had a stinkin' 29 cent piece of felt in stock. A fellow mother of three young'uns can commiserate on how much pain that is saving me!


Sarah said...

That's adorable!!!! I'm glad the felt got to you. I am totally with you...taking 3 kids out is hard work. Anytime there is a way I can help out someone else, I want to do it because so many people have been there for me. Like today...we're almost out of milk, and I thought "dang it, JD doesn't come home until late, there's no way I am going to the store or sending him."...and just now, some neighbors just out of the blue gave us a jug of milk. People are awesome.
I love the mats...if I ever finish my advent, I might have to make that next!

Echo said...

BLESS YOU VAL for this cute idea and the link to the website! This just reminded me that I am going to be taking yet another flight and driving vacation with two kids and am going to need stuff to entertain them. I've got some of our stuff from this summer's 6000 mile road trip. Most of it was stuff from the dollar store it's not in too good of shape. But some felt & mag board activities would be perfect. Now I've just got to find the time to make them...