Friday, September 11, 2009

The Gabe

Lest you think I neglect my second child (due to lack of posts about him), here is an update on our own sweet Gabriel! Let me start by saying he loves his daddy! Regardless of what Gabe is doing, he will drop everything and toddle as fast as possible to the front door when I announce, "Daddy's home!".

He is 17 months and is saying a few words:

go (I'll say "Ready, Set..." and he'll spit out a g sound for "Go" almost every time!)
ball (one of his very first words, and his absolute favorite toy of all time)
tick-tock (when he sees a clock)
sounds for a snake, a duck, and a dog

He's currently milking the uh-oh for all he can, since it makes me laugh every time. He does use it correctly sometimes, like when some food has fallen off the side of his tray. (He may or may not have purposely thrown it off the side of his tray!) This morning I was building a tower of blocks, specifically for the purpose of him to knock it over. He toddled over, demolished it, looked at me and said, "Uh-oh" if I didn't see him raze it on purpose.

Gabriel is our sweet mellow little guy. As mad as he can get, he will always giggle when you tickle him in his neck roll. He will always quiet down for a song and grin at me when I am singing, dancing, or making faces to entertain him. He's also a terrific eater - that kid can pack away twice as much as Naomi!

Crossing his ankles is something Gabriel has done since he was an infant. I love it - it just seems so peaceful and content! It's not as common now, and it always makes me smile when I see him doing it. Mostly it happens in his carseat and in the high chair.

That's just a tidbit about our spunky little for more posts to come on the daredevil side of his personality!


Unknown said...

He IS a sweetie, and I LOVE that there is always a smile on his face! Melts your little heart!

Edward Jones said...

He's getting so big! Your babies are growing up . . .