Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Tri time!

I decided in 2006 that I wanted to start doing triathlons. This weekend will be my 3rd tri.

And I am excited!!

Many goals worth accomplishing require a journey and sacrifice. That includes triathlons. When I decided to start training for the triathlons, I did not realize that my decision would force my family to sacrifice as well. Despite my husband occasionally wondering if I've gone off the deep end, he has actively supported me and enabled me to be a triathlete.
I thank my family for allowing me to work towards this goal.
They are truly the best part of my life.

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Kamae said...

Hello Merrells!! It's so good to be in touch again. Your kids are darling! Wow! Three triathalons--that's great. I've been interested in doing a triathalon so I'd love to talk more about it. Do you do mini-tris or the full thing?